Backend development

Escrito por Olivér Haszpra

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In the case of a modern web interface or mobile application, the boundary between the frontend and backend can be easily defined, allowing each area's development to be handled by those who excel in it. Moreover, the same backend can serve the web frontend, Android, and iOS, not to mention enabling the integration of third-party sites and applications.

CoreConsult gladly undertakes the creation of various backends, REST APIs, and GraphQL APIs, whether it's Scala, Java, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, or nodejs (JavaScript/TypeScript).

We can provide comprehensive IT operational services, ranging from the setup of development, testing, and live environments to their supervision, maintenance, and SLA management.

We are also open to dealing with backends subjected to significant loads, scalable, optimizing and searching for data not only in SQL databases (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL) but also in noSQL (Elastic, Mongo, etc.), full-text search engines (Solr, Sphinx), message queues (Kafka, etc.), and in-memory caches (memcached, memcache).

Regarding the test coverage of the backend, we tailor it according to the client's and project's needs and priorities. If time and budget allow, prioritizing stability, we can develop the system in TDD. In more typical projects, we can support critical components with satisfying test coverage.

Intuitively or as agreed upon/required, we can create integration, end-to-end, or unit tests, ensuring reliable quality throughout development and maintenance. This approach makes the project not only reliable in terms of quality but also ensures more predictable deadlines and estimations for delivery and development. Continuous test maintenance prevents the emergence of unexpected issues, avoiding firefighting scenarios common in many projects.

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