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Written by Olivér Haszpra
2020-02-02 London
2020-02-01 London
2019-12-01 London
2019-10-01 Spain
2019-05-01 Client visit at Tungsram, Graphisoft Park
2018-10-02 Client visit at Netrisk
2018-10-01 On our way back from Netrisk
2018-09-01 UNIQA started its campaign for Cherrisk
2018-08-03 Planning for UNIQA
2018-08-02 Planning for Netrisk
2018-08-01 Health matters :)
2018-07-02 Netrisk sprint planning
2018-07-01 Netrisk sprint planning
2018-06-01 Having some beers with the team
2018-02-01 One of our first beers

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