History of CoreConsult

Written by Olivér Haszpra


Pas and Oliver meet each other on a blogging-related social event. They become friends.


Pas and Oliver discuss starting their own business, but they get busy as Oliver takes a full time job and Pas takes part in the foundation of a startup called Endticket.


Oliver becomes development lead in Endticket, where Pas was the CTO. They work together for 1 year, until Endticket has to close its gates as the startup runs out of the initial funding. They try to save the company, but Oliver moves on to a different company.


Pas reaches out for Oliver as he has some new small business in sight, and they start to work together on it as a sideproject.

The projects goes pretty well and this becomes Oliver's main job. Oliver gets contacted by another client looking for a developer and he brings the two of them instead of just himself.

They get contacted for a web design job and for that they contact one of their friends. This was the point when they realized that it's not just them. After some time, they decide that they should grow teams below themselves.


Oliver and Pas sees that this development thing goes pretty well and they decide to start a company called CoreConsult Systems Ltd. They build up a team of 27 people in the following 6 months of the company, while establishing the foundation of financial stability.

Their secret is that they know lots of people from their previous workplaces and actually have worked with them closely so they know which person would be the best fit to which project, which results in ultra short rampup times and high efficiency.


They decide to close down D-LAN, the previous company of Pas. Retreive clients from the market. Make new steps towards mobile development.


Creating the future, preparing for foreign markets, new clients, workflow automation, stabilization, as well as Coreconsult's biggest client's European expansion.

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