Olivér Haszpra

Olivér Haszpra>
+36 (20) 398 3287

I'm Oliver Haszpra, one of the founders and CEO of CoreConsult Systems Ltd.

I started programming aged 14 and it didn't take long till I brought people together to do various hobby projects.

Having graudated from BME studying Electrical Engineering and Informatics, I mainly worked for large IT companies as a developer learning about a number of backend/frontend languages, frameworks, test automation methods, project management methodologies. I had the opportunity to also learn about their benefits, drawback and their application. I participated in the renewal and reorganization of a number of projects as a key team member.

After completing my MBA degree I gained insights into financial fields and then with my business partner from an earlier startup I made a move towards the field of project management. In the meantime, I still completed some technical tasks to some degree besides creating the operational conditions of CoreConsult.

My aim with Coreconsult is to create a happy place in this world, where people are cool, satisfied and efficient working on what they really love and as a result, our clients get the most efficient solutions suiting their needs.

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