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Hey guys, I'm Pász, I solve problems. No, not those kinds that you might think first, but of course, I check why the WIFI is slow and what's going on with the printer, but first, let's prioritise all the other tasks from a business perspective. Yeah, we do need an app. Sure, you should be able to register, log in with Facegram and guess what, it's all be GDPR compliant. Yep, you can upload videos, of course talk to the customer service real time. You want us to send packages with the API of our logistics partner and print the label for the courier? We've got you covered. Okay, now we can have a look at the printer too.

Just like my business partner, I've been dealing with programming, IT, systems: familiarizing with them, optimizing and developing them for almost 20 years. In the beginning, I had maths software engineer aspirations, which I didn't give up but they changed during my 6-8 years spent at ELTE university. All those sleepless nights spent as a systems engineer, weekends spent working made the enthusiastic computing and web developing amateur a tough practical professional. After some time, I found myself facing challenges as the technical leader of a startup. Since 2018 I have been contributing to the success of a number of projects of our customers as the other founder and CEO of CoreConsult.

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