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How does this work?

  • CoreConsult provides custom software development as a service, for an hourly rate.
  • At the moment we have about 8 clients (including billion dollar clients from the insurance industry) and 20+ developers/ux designers/testers.
  • If your company needs custom software or web developments, please contact us at
  • If you are a developer with motivation to work for us, please contact us at


Our clients/customers

  • UNIQA - Cherrisk - Unicorn
  • Netrisk - Bankkalkulátor - Telenet - Világraszóló
  • Raiker
  • StarCloud
  • United Technology Alliance
  • BestVPN
  • RobotWash
  • ShapeThat / HipTeam
  • Tungsram Innovative Solutions / Vintocon
  • Prozenda / TheOutsourcePro

Join us

Would you like to work for us? A few new clients come up with new development needs every month. If you drop us an email and tell a bit about what kind of projects you would like to work on, we can contact you right away or later when those clients appear.

Currently multiple new projects are starting with the following keywords:

  • PHP7 Laravel AWS nginx PgSQL Confluence JIRA BitBucket
  • Oldschool PHP JavaScript SASS Vagrant Docker Grunt GitLab ExtJS Zend Framework
  • Android iOS REST API building automation IoT
  • Node.js TypeScript REST API
  • Python Pyramid Pgsql CSS JavaScript
  • Rust Python IoT Angular JavaScript TypeScript
  • Scala Play REST API GraphQL Sangria Slick Kafka MSSQL Angular TypeScript Node Elastic
  • SCRUM estimation story points sprints we are looking for Project Managers